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SKU: 5MM-50L-25-6-G-WW-T

Twinkle Mini-Lights (Green Wire) - Coaxial Plug

Twinkle Mini-Lights (Green Wire) - Coaxial Plug

50 LED - 25ft

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Wire Color: Green Wire
  • Twinkle Mini-Lights (Green Wire) - Coaxial Plug
  • Green Wire
  • Twinkle Mini-Lights (White Wire) - Coaxial Plug 50 LED
  • White Wire (50 LED)
Bulb Colour: Warm-White
  • Warm-White
  • Pure-White

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Add some sparkle to your display with these gently twinkling mini-lights. With high quality construction utilizing Japanese components, they are built to withstand any type of weather you expose them to. Each lens is a 5mm inverted cone shape, providing 180-degree light dispersion and an incandescent-like glow.

They are excellent for decorating trees and shrubbery, whether you are wrapping trunks and branches or stringing them through canopies of various shapes and sizes.

One-piece moulded bulb construction and watertight coaxial plug seals keep water out, ensuring your lights last for years while keeping your bank account and the earth happy simultaneously.


  • Provides an incandescent-like sparkle effect. Each lens is a 5mm inverted cone shape, providing 180 degree light dispersion
  • 20% of bulbs randomly flash 1 second on and 1 second off for a gentle twinkling effect
  • 6 inch spacing improves dispersion of lights in trees or shrubs without giving an unattractive "line-effect" that 4 inch spacing sometimes produces
  • 25 feet total length
  • Sealed 1-piece injection moulded lamp sockets / 100% waterproof - no more corrosion problems, no more loose bulbs!
  • Coaxial power connection system prevents strings from coming apart, increases installation speed, and uses rubber o-rings to seal water out
  • Appropriate for indoor and outdoor use
  • Full Wave Rectifier (FWR) / Flicker-Free
  • Sockets do not have branch clips


  • Length: 25ft
  • Bulb Size: 5mm
  • Spacing: 6 in
  • Tail length: 6 in
  • Bulb Type: LED Wide Angle


  • Watts: 2.4 (Y - R) or 4.8 (PW - WW - G - B - P - T - F - O)
  • Voltage: 120
  • Amps: 0.02 (Y - R) or 0.04 (PW - WW - G - B - P - T - F - O)
  • Max sets connected: 90 (Y - R) or 45 (PW - WW - G - B - P - T - F - O)


  • Bulb Material: Acrylic
  • Lamp Holder: PVC
  • Wire gauge: 20 AWG


  • Power adapter with 120V AC power cord and coaxial adapter required to plug curtain lighting power chain into power source (sold separately and can be purchased here)
  • End-to-end connectable
  • LED Strings cannot be modified (spliced, cut, shortened, lengthened, etc.)
  • May not be compatible with adapters sold by other retailers


  • Grade: Commercial
  • Usage: Indoor/Outdoor
  • Rating: CSA approved
  • Average Hours: 50,000
  • IP Rating: 54
  • 1 Year
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