Common questions

Why should I choose Big Star Lights over other decorative lighting suppliers?

We are one of North America’s leading suppliers of high-quality commercial-grade lights and accessories, designed to endure all kinds of weather and customizable to fit your home perfectly.
We also offer a high level of personalized service to make sure that you can create your dream display. To learn more about why you should ditch Big Box store lights and go Big Star, read about why the pros choose us.

Can I purchase Big Star Lights at any brick-and-mortar stores or online marketplaces?

Currently, Big Star Lights products are only available from our online store and showroom, which is located at 161-3239 No. 6 Road, Richmond, BC.

Why are LEDs better than incandescent?

LEDs are significantly more efficient than old-school incandescent bulbs, as they use ~92% less electricity than the incandescent lights you had as a kid. They also stay cool, making them a safer option.

Why should I choose commercial-grade over standard department store lights?

Commercial-grade lights will last significantly longer than anything else on the market, making them a smarter investment both financially and environmentally. Learn more about why our lights last longer.

Will my lights still work if one bulb goes out?

Our replaceable bulbs for rooflines and large trees guarantee that your whole string is safe if a single bulb goes out (which is rare to begin with!).
With our lighted string sets, it is unlikely that a single bulb will go out, but if it does, the rest of the string will still operate.

Can I custom-fit the lights to my house?

Yes! Our socket wire can be custom-cut to fit your rooflines so that you don’t have to ever tuck your excess lights into the gutter ever again. Our string lights for trees and shrubs unfortunately can’t be cut, but it is much easier to use/hide excess in a big tree than it is on a gutter. 

Pro Installers

Why should I choose Big Star Lights over other commercial-grade suppliers?

We provide you with top quality products, personal support, and solutions.
Innovative products, from clips to tools will ensure you have all the best equipment. Our products are built to meet your needs, ensuring that maintenance calls are kept to a minimum while making installation easy and efficient.

Do you offer technical support?

Yes, we have a dedicated tech support line, as well as a pro-installer line. Whether you’re 30ft in a tree or bulbing at the office, we are here to help you troubleshoot when you need it.
If a phone call doesn’t work, we can always hop on a video call and see what’s going on.

Do you offer educational resources?

Yes! We have an extensive library of blogs and how-to videos that will help you whether you are a brand-new installer or a seasoned professional. To keep up with our latest tips and tricks, sign up for our pro-installer newsletter.

What kind of discounts do I get as a pro installer?

We offer an in-season discount of 10% that can be accessed by using your unique discount code.
In January, we offer our pre-season sale for 25% off, and our Pay 20 Save 20 sale throughout the summer months.
To receive your unique discount code, apply for our pro installer program HERE.
To receive news of our sales, sign up for our pro-installer newsletter.


Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, and AMEX. Interac E-transfer is available for Canadian customers only.

Why do I get the error "Postal code does not match billing address" at checkout?

Our website hosts payment platform uses an AVS (Address Verification System) to protect our customers from credit card fraud.

We have found that sometimes it's a little too strict, so if you're running into this error please try the following options:

1) Verify your billing postal code with your bank. You may want to try entering it with and without spaces and with and without capital letters. Ensure there are no spaces before or after your postal code.

2) Choose an alternative payment method.

3) Contact us and we will take a manual payment over the phone.

Do I have to pay duty on the product?

Standard delivery usually takes around 7 business days.

If your order hasn't arrived after two weeks, please contact us and we will look into the details.

Can I modify or cancel my order?

During the busy season (September 1 - December 31), it becomes increasingly difficult to monitor and adjust orders.
Please call 1-888-444-4081 during office hours (8:30am - 4:30pm PST Monday - Friday) and we will do what we can!
We can cancel orders made within the last 30 minutes.

Can you help me with my online order?

Absolutely! If you’re having trouble placing your order, or just have some questions before checking out, give us a call at 1-888-444-4081. You can also contact us here.

What’s your return policy/warranty?

Our return policies and warranties differ from product to product. Please refer to our Warranty Policy or Return/ Exchange Policy for full details.


Do you ship internationally?

At this point in time, we only ship to Canada and the contiguous United States from our online store.
If you are making an order from Hawaii or Alaska, please get in touch with us to make a manual order.
See the full shipping policy here.

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes! We offer free shipping on all orders over $300.
Some large items are excluded from this offer.

Do you offer express shipping?

Yes! We offer express shipping options at checkout.

Returns & Exchanges

How do I return my product?

Returns can be made within 30 days of the fulfillment date. Returns are subject to a 25% restocking fee, and unwanted items must be returned in unused, unopened condition. Customers will incur the cost of return shipping.
No returns will be accepted after December 1 of the same year it was purchased, except under exceptional circumstances or if the product is being exchanged.

Please review our detailed Return Policy.

How do I care for my product?

Our lights can stand up to any weather your local climate wants to throw at it! When not in use, we recommend storing all of your Big Star Lights products in a cool, dry location. To keep products in good condition, be mindful not to store them wet, and store them in a breathable storage bin.

Do you offer extended warranties?

Our warranties differ from product to product.

String Lights - 1 year
Twinkly Pro Products - 2 years
Bulbs - 2 years
Electrical wiring and accessories - 3 years
Floodlights - 5 years
All other items - 120 days

Note that these are for seasonal use, not year-round.

For more details, please visit our Warranty page.

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