The Big Star Lights Story


The Origin

Back in 2009, Daniel Cowan was trying to launch a Christmas light installation business out of the back of his Volkswagen between summer gigs working as a bush pilot in northern Canada. He quickly learned that big box store lights were not high quality enough to run a successful operation and was convinced that there must be a better option. Luckily, improvising was what he did, and thus began his quest to develop a line of lights that could withstand one of the most challenging environments possible: winter in rainy Vancouver.


Trial and Error

Through on-site trial and error over many seasons, he developed lights that not only worked, but that looked great, were easy to use, and put the “fun” back into decorating at Christmas. Gone were the days of climbing ladders multiple times in terrible conditions to ensure that the lights were working. Instead, he could just hang them once, return to take them down in January, and have confidence that they would work perfectly when taken out of storage the following Christmas.


A New Chapter

As the installation business blossomed, it wasn’t long before others started to take note of the high-quality lights that he and his team were using, with many people inquiring where he’d gotten them. Seizing the opportunity to share what he’d created, he launched Big Star Lights.


Fast Forward

Fast forward a few years, and we have grown to become one of the largest multinational Christmas light retailers in North America, supplying homeowners, commercial properties, festivals, and municipalities with our commercial-grade products. Big Star Lights isn’t your average supplier, though. Our foundation is a team of talented, “work-hard/play-hard” individuals driven by a promise to deliver high-quality decorative lights quickly and affordably, so you can be creative with confidence.


Where We're At

We love hearing your success stories, how your display became an Instagrammable hot spot, or how you literally lit up someone else's day. And if you’re not quite sure how to get there, we’ll help you every step of the way. Our team is largely made up of former professional installers who have climbed those ladders and walked those rooflines, so our pool of design knowledge is extensive and we know the product inside and out. Simply put, we’ll ensure you meet your goals and get the look you want!

Our core values

Our growth has been made possible by developing strong relationships with like-minded entrepreneurs, project managers, and homeowners who hold the same 6 core-values as us.


We are constantly evolving, with bold imagination and creative ideas fuelling continuous improvement across all aspects of our business.


We believe that transparency and trust lead to mutual respect and honesty in all corners of our organization.


We are friendly and professional, and we make sure the customer is the hero every time.


We focus on reliability, ease of use, and attention to detail in both product and service.


We embody inclusivity, collaboration, and support, while encouraging personal and professional development.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

We are empowered to take risks without fear of failure, with individual initiative and open-mindedness driving our growth. If you align with any of these, you’re going to LOVE us. And we’re going to love you right back.

The Big Star Lights Team




• Great people are EVERYTHING. (All the other nice stuff will just happen on its own).
• Munchkin hugs
• Pie (strawberry rhubarb)
• Shut up legs!
• Lighting it up… no, really: LIGHT-IT-UP! (don't be skimpy now)

• Unicorns are real
• Wind, water, sea, loam, mud, powder are my flavours
• You have more regrets saying no than you do saying yes
• Sunsets
• Create opportunity, seize it, be thankful for it, then pass it along.
• Nothing is owned.




• Listening to/playing/performing music, from baroque to folk to techno
• FOOD of all kinds, but mostly authentic Japanese, Vietnamese, and Korean food
• Seeing different landscapes from up high (planes, mountains, tall buildings)
• The west coast ocean air
• Sophisticated scents

• Excellent software that is equal parts functional, intuitive, and pretty
• Travelling to new places
• Beautiful shoes, whether they are a good pair of sneakers or stilletos
• Collaborating with, supporting, and learning from people who are experts in their field
• Elegant Christmas light displays!!


General Manager


• Performing in a Band or DJ-ing
• Hanging with real ones smiling and laughing all night
• Quality time with my favourite people
• Gaming
• Producing, Jamming & Creating music

• Dank memes, funny movies & TV shows
• Brilliant Views
• Fire Pits & Cold ones
• Singing in my car because I'm too shy to sing in front of people
• Giving your all into something and being proud of the end result
• Honourable mention: Playing disc golf


Account Manager

"The Glue"

• Saying something slightly unhinged in the company of new acquaintances and watching their process as they uncomfortably navigate. Trying for a PC and polite response.
• Iceland.
• Fog. Especially when it's touching the surface of water.
• Raspberry Frozen Yogurt - the fresh stuff!
• Smiling at strangers.

• Creating something, anything with my hands
• Being at the controls of a longggg and far drive or flight… to hot springs.
• Ducks - not spiders. They are such gorgeous, yet freaky little a**holes. Also, delicious!
• The smell of the rain
• Not exactly breaking the rules, but certainly not following them. Everything on the outside of normal is always a little more interesting.


Financial Controller

"Momma Hanh"

• Family
• Friends
• Team
• Reading
• Walking

• Karaoke
• Studying/Learning new things
• Practical jokes
• Quiet time
• And of course shopping!


Sales & Marketing Manager

"The OX"

• The smell of cherry blossoms at dusk
• Sunrise chilly dips. Sunset chilly dips. Midnight chilly dips under a clear sky. CHILLY DIPS.
• Potlucks with friends (or strangers - food brings you together!)
• Three + part harmonies aka goosebump territory
• Getting reaaaal dirty in the garden. Who needs gloves?

• The sound of a soccer ball being kicked accompanied by the smell of freshly cut grass
• Live music
• Sleeping on a sail boat moored in the Great Blue Hole
• Flying down a hill with no brakes on my bike
• Random phone calls from old friends


Tech Support + Lead Content Creator

"Big Rig"

• Early cold mornings
• Stifling hot summer days
• Vintage audio recording equipment
• Travelling dangerously
• Starry clear evenings

• Authentic Italian food
• Finishing a live performance
• Horses
• American bulldogs
• Roadtripping


Sales & Marketing Assistant


• The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
• Green tea
• The sound of crackling wood on fire
• The sky & CLOUDS, I love clouds
• Backyard movie nights with some BSL LED lights

• Travelling and learning about different cultures
• Chocolate covered almonds
• Any form of ART
• Penny boards, Roller blades, Scooters = Advanced walking
• I don't believe in coincidences


warehouse assistant


• Sushi
• Skiing
• Video games
• Reading
• Vienna

• Japan
• Chocolate
• Rice
• Cats
• Great mountain views


Lead Photographer


• Long walks through the woods at night
• Long arduous airplane journeys, multiple stopovers prefered
• Eating saucy chicken wings in hotel beds, room must have a view
• Snow
• Fire

• Taking pictures of lightning, closer the better
• Space, the galaxy, the universe, and everything
• Screen time
• Getting lost
• Breaking down in remote areas with no cell service