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Chromaglow Soffit Clip - 50 Pack

Chromaglow Soffit Clip - 50 Pack

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This cleverly designed clip allows you to securely attach Chromaglow tracks to the edge of your soffits just behind the facia board and hang the tracks to the perfect height.
Not all facia boards hang the same distance, even on the same roofline. This is because they are installed slanted so that gutters can drain. The clip has an adjustable mechanism to control the distance it hangs below the soffit with a range of 5-1/4 inches to 4-1/4 inches. Break off a small part of the clip and collapse it to as little  as 2-3/4 inches from the soffit.

This clip gives you the flexibility to install Chromaglow behind any common facia board size so that the lights sit perfectly where you want them for the most professional look.
Furthermore, the Soffit Clip allows for the lights to point downward or outward with its unique attachment to the track.

The clip is made of clear polycarbonate to blend in with any facia board color and for maximum durability.

No screws are required which makes installation of the Chromaglow lighting system faster than any other permanent lighting system on the market. If extra security is desired, the clip can be screwed to the soffit too.

Sold in resealable ziplock bags of 50 clips.


  • Attach Chromaglow tracks to the edge of soffits behind facia boards
  • Only two clips required per section of track
  • Facilitates fast and easy installs
  • Clear polycarbonate to match any facia board colour
  • Wide hang range of 5-1/4 to 2-3/4 inches below soffit
  • Offers maximum flexibility to control track position relative to the facia board
  • Facilitates lights to hang pointing downward or outward for desired look


  • Material: Polycarbonate


  • Chromaglow tracks


  • Grade: Commercial
  • Usage: Indoor/Outdoor
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