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Magnetic Roof Cap Clip - 25 Pack

Magnetic Roof Cap Clip - 25 Pack


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Undeniably the strongest magnetic Christmas light clip ever designed, the Roof Cap Clip is perfect for installations with ferrous roof caps, often found on commercial buildings or homes with recessed gutters. 
Installation and removal times are reduced by up to 75% compared to when using traditional Christmas light clips.

The clips have two large and strategically placed N50 rare earth magnets that hold the clip securely in place. Furthermore, the clear polycarbonate clip "snaps" around the bulb for a snug fit and full control of the bulb angle, which is approximately 20 degrees below horizontal, and the most common viewing angle of Christmas lights.

The wire sits tight in wire seats ensuring the clips never fall off during removal or transport. Large  holes in the bottom of the clip ensure adequate drainage. If there's heavy snow, the clip will always accumulate more snow in than the bulb, providing a natural cantilever so the bulb never tips over and compromises its holding ability. The clip is designed to accommodate lights with E17 or E12 bases.

Sold in resealable ziplock bags of 25 clips.


  • Reduce installation and removal times by up to 75%
  • Two large and strategically placed N50 rare-earth magnets
  • Magnets are triple-coated in nickel for enhanced resistance to corrosion
  • Strong control of bulb direction with cradles that accommodate E17 or E12 base bulbs
  • Bulbs will be pointing perfectly straight for clean and professional look
  • Work perfectly on ferrous roof caps, often found on commercial buildings or homes with recessed gutters
  • Installs and removals are a snap and the clip will not fall off
  • "Bowl shape" of clip will behave like a cantilever in heavy snow conditions, preventing it from tipping over and loosing contact with the surface
  • Large drain holes ensure clip does not accumulate water and debris
  • Bulbs sit at 20 degree angle, which is the angle for maximum brightness on most LED bulbs


  • Polycarbonate
  • Rare Earth Magnets


  • Secure firmly to ferrous roof caps or recessed gutters
  • Fits E17 base products (ie. C9 or G30) and E12 base products (ie . C7 or G20)
  • Best used with flat socket wire like our SPT-2 18AWG spools and stringers


  • Grade: Commercial
  • Usage: Indoor/Outdoor
  • 1-Year Warranty
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