Repurpose Your Christmas Lights for Summer

Repurpose Your Christmas Lights for Summer

 Why pack away those beautiful Christmas lights when they can add magic to your summer nights? Here’s how to transform your patio area reusing your Christmas Lights.


G50 Bulbs: These are perfect patio lights but you can also use G30's to repurpose for any season, thanks to their discreet round shape. Our G30 bulbs emit a warm, inviting glow that is perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere on your patio. 

E17 Socket Wire (25 ft, brown) Our E17 socket wire is  ideal for outdoor use and capable of supporting multiple bulbs like C9 which have a Christmassy look. You can always swap bulbs in this wire to repurpose them for summer.

E17 Metal Shades in Bronze These shades add a bistro-esque touch of style and keep the light directed downwards for usability in the evening.

Zip Plugs Zip plugs offer a secure and straightforward way to connect your lights, ensuring a neat and tidy installation without any loose or leftover wires. This helps achieve a clean and polished look for your lighting setup. Here's how to use them.

How to Achieve This Installation

Step 1:  Decide where you want to hang your lights. And measure the length of you wire, if there's remaining wire use a wire cutter and a zip plug to cut the wire and install the female and male plug. 

Step 2: Use the zip plugs to connect the wire to your power source. Ensure all connections are secure and that all bulbs are turning on.

Step 3: Install the Bulbs and Shades and then Screw the G30 bulbs into the sockets. The shades not only enhance the aesthetic but also direct the light downwards, making the space more functional for evening use.  

 Step 4:  Attach the Socket Wire Secure the E17 socket wire using clips. Make sure the wire is taut to prevent sagging.

Step 5: Adjust any bulbs or wires as needed to achieve the desired look.

Tips for a Stunning Setup

  1. Mix and Match: Combine different types of lights for a unique look.
  2. Use Timers: Set your lights on a timer to automatically turn on at dusk.
  3. Add Accessories: Enhance the setup with Mason Jar Lanterns or fairy lights.


Repurposing your Christmas lights for summer is a fantastic way to enjoy their beauty all year round. With a bit of creativity and some practical tips, you can transform your outdoor spaces for all your summer activities. So, don’t pack away those lights—bring them out and let them shine!


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