Introducing the Pro Installer Display Kit PLUS

Introducing the Pro Installer Display Kit PLUS

To help you win more jobs, we’re excited to announce the launch of our new Display Kit PLUS.

The perfect way to show your clients the different kinds of lights that you offer in a compact and striking case. Oh, and did we mention it can be wired to light up?

If you’re a professional Christmas light installer, you know how important it is to arrive at a sales pitch ready to impress. When you’re selling your services for hundreds or thousands of dollars, you have to be ready to overcome the customer’s objections and prove to them why they should choose your business over a competitor at half the price. That can be easier said than done. Let’s be honest, at some point we’ve all been the person fumbling with bulbs from your pocket or trying to find photos of previous jobs on your phone. To give you a leg up on your competition and sell your service to new clients, you need to be ready to WOW them. We've got the solution: the Pro-Installer Display Kit PLUS.

Order your Display Kit PLUS!

So, what does the Display Kit PLUS include?

Customizable Features

The Display Kit PLUS features a beautiful white label display designed for you to be able to easily showcase light strings, bulbs and accessories to your clients. It includes photos on the outside and inside, displaying all the different types of work you can do. Explaining the difference between branch wrap and canopy wrap just got so much easier.

The Complete Package

The kit is also the first of its kind to come outfitted with all the supplies you need to illuminate bulbs within the case. Gone are the days of fishing out a dusty string of C9 wire from the back of the truck! Now all you need is 30 minutes to set up, wire cutters (and a power source, of course!) and you’ve got yourself the best new addition to your sales team.

Increase Your Sales Today

Pro-installers who use our sample kit during quotes close sales much faster, as they help customers choose colour choices and bulb styles with peace of mind. And just like our classic sample kit, the Display Kit PLUS comes with the most popular Big Star Lights products. Along with all of the G30 bulb colours, you receive two strings of 5mm mini lights, and accessories too! Perfect for showing your customer how the multi clips firmly attach to gutters, rooflines and shingles without causing damage.

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