Elevate Your Everyday Experience with New BSL Products!

Elevate Your Everyday Experience with New BSL Products!

As a leading provider of innovative lighting, we pride ourselves on pushing the boundaries of creativity and design, constantly striving to bring you the most captivating products for any occasion. At Big Star Lights, we understand the transformative power of illumination, and the importance of making products that are built to last. Whether you're hosting a lively outdoor gathering, setting the mood for a romantic evening, or simply looking to add a touch of magic to your living space, our new product line is guaranteed to spark your imagination and elevate your ambiance.

New Products For the Professional Installer

We've added some new products to our line up that are sure to make life as a Professional Christmas Lights installer a lot simpler.

Cable Caddy

A durable metal construction designed to handle multiple spools up to 75lbs. With a 40cm bar height and adjustable length up to 100cm, it accommodates larger spools and offers flexibility for carrying multiple spools simultaneously. Equipped with wheels for easy transportation and featuring a ground stake to prevent rolling, this caddy ensures convenience and stability on the work site.

Clutcher for 1/8 in Wire Rope

The 1/8 inch wire rope self-cleating mechanism is compact, adjustable by hand, and visually appealing. It has a simple release mechanism for easy loop size modifications that stay fixed and secure under load without tightening. Made of durable zinc alloy, it can handle a pull force of 360kgs. With its functionality and attractive design, it's suitable for a wide range of applications.

Light Installer's Caution Tape

BSL's installer caution tape is durable in design. Its 3mm thickness will stand the test of time and delineate your work areas to keep the general public safe while you're working. With a generous 1000ft roll, it provides an extensive coverage for any installation project. The custom text, boldly imprinted as "Light Installers at Work", serves as a clear warning, alerting passersby to exercise caution.

Christmas Light Labels

Designed with convenience in mind, these labels feature a vibrant bright yellow colour so that you can effortlessly spot the end of the line when unpacking your lights at the beginning of the season. Crafted from durable heavy gauge vinyl, they are built to withstand the wear and tear of the holiday season. Each roll contains an impressive 1000 labels, providing you with an abundance of markers to streamline your decorating process.

New Clips for 2023

One of the biggest conundrums many people are met with while installing holiday lights is how to attach them to the surface they're working on. We're constantly developing new clip ideas so that you can hang your Christmas lights on a growing number of surfaces.

Ultimate Multi-Clip

The ideal solution for seasonal installations on shingles, eaves, flashing, and gutters! These clips ensure wires stay flat and secure, resulting in clean lines and a professional look. With two versatile slots for wire placement, they can be used in multiple directions, adapting to various applications. Crafted from UV-resistant plastic, these clips are built to withstand the elements and maintain their durability over time.

Easy Peasy Hook

These hooks are made from durable galavanized steel, ensuring long-lasting performance and resistance to outdoor elements. Say goodbye to single-use zip ties or flimsy plastic hooks that break easily, as Easy Peasy Hooks are reusable and reliable! With its sturdy construction, you can confidently hang your favourite decor in outdoor trees without worrying about damage or instability. We brought these in specifically to pair with our hanging ornaments, but feel free to use them for any holiday decor you please.

Ridge Clip

Designed to provide a tight grip, these clips effortlessly slide over roof cap shingles, guaranteeing a secure attachment. Specifically crafted to accommodate E17 or C9 socket wire, these clips offer a flawless fit, ensuring your ridge line display looks stunning and cohesive. These are perfect for creating the "Gingerbread" style of display on your home.

New LED Filament Bulbs and Accessories

These new bulbs feature new LED technology that emulate the look of an old incandescent filament, but features all the modern benefits of low efficiency lighting.

C9 U-Filament Bulb, Warm White

Experience our C9 U-Filament bulb's energy savings of up to 92% compared to incandescents, with minimal heat emission and extended operational runs. Additionally, the durable lens resists breakage and fading, while UV stabilizers in the cap ensure long-lasting performance. Bases are securely sealed with rubber o-rings and epoxy glue to prevent moisture infiltration.

C9 Linear Filament Bulb, Warm White

The C9 Linear Filament bulb's clear plastic lens resembles glass bulbs but eliminates the risk of breakage. Wth 92% energy savings, low heat emission, and extended lifespan, these bulbs offer longer lighting setups and significant cost reductions. The lens fade-resistant and equipped with UV stabilizers, while the bases are moisture-sealed with rubber o-rings and epoxy glue.

G50 U-Filament Bulb, Warm White

The G50 U-Filament Bulb is an energy-efficient, long-lasting, and durable lighting solution. These bulbs use 92% less energy than incandescents, emit minimal heat, and allow for extended runs. Featuring a sturdy polycarbonate cover, UV stabilizers, and a copper base with nickel coating, these bulbs resist breakage, fading, and corrosion. They are UL Canada and CSA approved for indoor/outdoor use.

E26 Spiral Filament 120V Bulb, Warm White

The E26 Spiral Filament 120V Bulb is unique and captivating, it is the epitome of retro charm with its large, eye-catching spiral filament design. Emitting a warm white glow, this bulb adds a cozy ambiance to any space. Designed to be paired with the Pendant Light Socket, it effortlessly brings a nostalgic touch to your home or workspace. Illuminate your surroundings with style!

E26 Spiral Filament 5V Bulb, Warm White

A 5V bulb that brings a touch of retro flair to any setting with its large spiral filament design! Perfect for wedding venues, restaurants, or to add some fun to your own home. Moreover, with the option to use a battery adapter and our Pendant Light Socket, this bulb offers the convenience of temporary event lighting without the need for a power connection. It's also perfect for bringing to campsites over the summer season!

Pendant Light Socket

With a 10ft SPT-2 wire, you have the flexibility to adjust the hanging height of your desired bulb! Available in white, black, or jute - this socket blends with any decor. A separate 120V to 5V adapter is available, allowing you to pair the socket with a 5V bulb. Need to hang your lights anywhere? Simply purchase the additional battery adapter for the 5V bulb and enjoy lighting up any space!

Decorative E26 Mason Jar Pendant Lantern

The Decorative E26 Mason Jar Pendant Lantern is a delightful addition to any interior or outdoor decor. Its real glass mason jar lens adds a touch of rustic charm while allowing the warm glow of the bulb to shine through. With a sturdy stainless steel lid and handle, this pendant lantern exudes durability and timeless appeal.

Pendant Light 5V Adapter

With our Pendant Light 5V Adapter, you can now enjoy the convenience of wireless lighting, eliminating the need for cumbersome wires. Designed specifically for use with our Pendant Light Sockets, this essential accessory ensures functionality, providing power and efficiency to your lighting setup. One adapter required per pendant.

Pendant Light Battery Adapter

Want to bring light somewhere you don't have access to power? Say goodbye to limitations and hello to the convenience of our pendant light battery adapter! This adapter pairs with our 5V Spiral Filament Bulb, requiring 4 AA batteries and offering the convenience of a remote. The remote allows you to set a timer for the light to turn off, and change the setting to a delightful "candle" flicker. One adapter needed per pendant.

Metal Shade, E26

The E26 Metal Shade is crafted with a robust metal construction that is built to withstand the test of time, ensuring long-lasting use. Designed specifically for E26/standard base socket lighting, such as our E26 festival stringers and spools, it integrates with your existing setup, providing a sleek and unified look!

Metal Shade, E17

Designed to seamlessly fit E17 (aka C9 or "Intermediate") socket lighting, the E17 metal shades add a touch of charm to your outdoor summer lighting set up. Pair with our G30 bulbs to achieve a classic bistro lighting style!

Mini-Lights and Icicle Lights

Mini-Lights, Stretch Strings

With UV resistant rubber and stretchable design, it grows with the tree for permanent applications. The 5mm cone-shaped lenses provide a 180-degree light dispersion, creating an incandescent-like sparkle. Its alternating 6-inch and 4-inch spacing offers a random light placement, stretching when pulled.

Icicle Lights, White Wire

This 7foot string of lights creates an "icicle" effect with randomized 18 inch, 15 inch, and 9 inch drops. With a 3 inch LED spacing, these lights are perfect for high-impact installations that captivate everyone's attention. Say goodbye to corrosion worries and loose bulbs as our lights feature sealed, one-piece injection-molded lamp sockets, ensuring 100% waterproof protection.

Icicle Lights, Black Wire

Have a dark roof or gutter line? We didn't want you to feel left out of the whimsy of icicle lights! These are the exact same as our white wire icicle lights, and feature colour options of warm white, pure white, and warm white with pure white twinkle.

As we continue to refine and expand our product line, we are confident that these cutting-edge solutions will empower individuals and businesses alike, motivating them towards greater success and efficiency. The future looks promising, and we are excited to embark on this journey of growth and innovation with our valued customers by our side. Together, we will shape a brighter, more connected world with Big Star Lights leading the way.
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