10 Lighting Ideas for Intimate Weddings

10 Lighting Ideas for Intimate Weddings

Unique lighting design will elevate an intimate wedding to a one-of-a-kind event. Get inspired with our lighting ideas for every wedding ceremony or reception!

Lighting is one of the most under appreciated, yet most important elements of wedding design. Great lighting can not only set the mood as the party transitions from day to evening, it can be the key to creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for your friends and family to enjoy! Here are ten of our favourite lighting design ideas that are perfect for an intimate summer wedding.

1. Make trees a focal point

If there is a beautiful tree at your venue, you can easily make it a natural focal point for your ceremony. Use 5mm Warm White mini lights on brown wire to wrap the trunk and branches of the tree for a naturally romantic look that will be the perfect backdrop for saying “I do!”

2. Add lighting to your wedding arch

You can find a million different ways to decorate an arch or arbor! We love this dreamy design that has it all - dried florals, cascading fabric, and draped with a simple string of G30 bulbs.

3. Hang lights at the altar

Does your venue have an industrial look? Here, a bare bones brick wall comes alive with vertical string lights of G30 bulbs. Alternatively, use a curtain of 5mm mini lights for a brighter, fuller look. Minimal elegance at its finest.

4. Have a light canopy

A great way to make a large space feel more intimate is by hanging a light canopy. Whether inside or outside, using 5mm mini lights to lower the ceiling of the space will make your reception space cozy and oh so magical. If you wanted to take it to the next level, you could even hang colour-changing RGB-W lights to match the colours of your wedding theme.

5. Create a show with flood lights

Looking for drama? RGB-W flood lights are the way to go. Use them outdoors to light up trees in whatever colour you fancy, or inside to set the room aglow!

6. Let tree curtains create a wedding fairy tale

Have you always dreamed of a fairytale wedding? Create a moment of whimsy with a tree dripping with lights. We think that 5mm warm white with pure white twinkle lights would be the perfect choice.

7. Fairy lights at the wedding reception

Micro or fairy lights are our go-to for a budget friendly table setting! Use them instead of candles in jars, vases or terrariums. Add a touch of greenery and you’ve got a stunning centrepiece that will light up your guest’s night.

8. Make it unique with patio lights

You can’t go wrong with a simple installation of Edison bulbs on patio wire. This modern look can be strung from building to building, or used with poles to define a reception area or dance floor.

9. Light up the lounge or bar in style

Give your guests lots of space to lounge by creating a seating vignette. Drape strings of G30 lights above styled sofas, rugs and coffee tables, and be sure to light the way to the bar!

10. Accent the wedding venue's architecture

If your venue has architectural features that make it unique, why not show them off? Highlight wood beams and pillars with 5mm warm white lights to make them pop.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to elevating your wedding with decorative lighting. We hope these examples have given you some inspiration to create the wedding of your dreams!
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