The Best Christmas Light Colour Combinations

The Best Christmas Light Colour Combinations

From classic colour combinations to more modern ones, Big Star Lights guides you through the best lights to order for your upcoming Christmas season!

The Question

I'm starting my very first Christmas light installation company and I have no idea what to order. What colours should I have on hand for the busy Christmas season?

When stocking up for the season, it’s always going to be a bit of a guessing game when determining what your clients will want. Between new products and styles and the old tried and true classics, there is always some risk involved. Through our experience over the years we have learned how to make sure we are stocking up according to the demand of the latest trends. Here are a few suggestions:

Colours We Recommend

Lots of White Lights

White is by far our most popular bulb colour as it is a colour for all occasions. We have two different temperatures of white in a multitude of styles: pure white (which is cool in temperature and offers a more modern look) and warm white (which has a glow reminiscent of incandescent lights and pairs well with more classic lighting designs). Although they both work with a multitude of other colours, we would advise you NOT to use them together!

The Classic Red White & Green

While white is incredibly elegant on its own, it can also compliment colourful displays beautifully by helping to either modernize or enhance a classic look and feel. For example, red and green lights are the perfect combination for the holiday season. If you want to brighten up the look, you can add pure white lights for a modern touch, or warm white lights for that classic Christmas look.

A Splash of Colour

Another combination that is great for holiday lighting is multicolour bulbs. This is most often a mix of red, green, and blue, with the addition of either yellow or orange. For a little more flare, you can add purple into the pattern as well! And finally, as with any colour combination, add pure white or warm white to brighten it up.

Our new Rockefeller mini-lights are the perfect modern take on multicolour lights, with red, green, yellow, blue, orange, and purple bulbs mixed in with a pure white twinkle.

Branch Out with Modern Colours

Along with the classic colours of the rainbow, we also carry a selection of more “modern” colours including fuchsia and teal. Paired with purple and pure white, the result is an eye-catching and festive look that is sure to draw attention to your client’s home or business.

While those are a few of our favourite combinations, the options don’t stop there – we carry 10 different bulb colours in many different styles, making the possibilities practically endless. And although white is our mainstay, it is hard to go wrong with colour. As installers ourselves, we have clients who continue to delight us with their colour choices, and we would have never been able to make them happy if we didn't provide such a wide selection. In the beginning we were conservative about what we should keep in stock, but we were surprised to see the demand for coloured lights grow quickly. Deciding to carry a wide selection of colour has paid off for us, and we have learned a lot about how colour is used by different cultures for different occasions as a result.
With the busy season right around the corner, make sure to stock up on your whites, but don’t be shy when deciding which other colours to carry. If anything, you might be surprised at the demand like we were, and ultimately expand your clientele.

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