How to Make Suction Cups Really SUCK!

How to Make Suction Cups Really SUCK!

Wreaths are a stunning way to add elegance to any Christmas light display. That’s why you’ll often see them hung at one of the most prominent locations of a property: the front door. When you don’t feel like drilling into your door or hanging one of our adjustable door wreath hooks, another option is to use our powerful double-suction wreath hooks capable of holding up to 20lbs.

Here’s a few important tips to make sure you get as much “suck” as you can out of your suction cups:

1. Clean surfaces

The surface needs to be completely clean. Any residue or grime will dramatically reduce the capacity of your suction cups. We highly recommend using a bit of alcohol on both the surface and the suction cup. Wait for them to dry before hanging.

2. Quality

Like everything in life, higher quality products cost more. Don’t settle for cheap big box stores or Amazon replacements. The suctions need to be soft and stay soft in cold weather. Cheaper plastics become hard in cold weather.

3. Warmth

Suction cups work best on warm surfaces when initially applying them. If it’s cold outside on the day you are decorating, warm up the surfaces and the suction with a hair dryer. This will create a stronger bond. It’s ok if it gets cold after the suction is applied.

4. Oil

Smear a bit of vegetable oil, hand cream, or even oil from your face onto the suction. This will make the suctions work even better.

5. Push them on periodically

Lastly, every once in a while when you pass by your wreath, give the suction a little push to squeeze out any air that might have snuck in.
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