A Guide to Installing Pathway Lighting with BSL Products

A Guide to Installing Pathway Lighting with BSL Products

Have you ever walked through a dimly lit garden or stumbled upon an unseen obstacle in your yard? If so, you know the importance of having a well-lit pathway to guide your way. Not only does pathway lighting enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor space, it also adds a sense of safety and security. If you're considering installing pathway lighting, look no further than Big Star Lights and our range of top-quality products!

Socket Wire Spools

Spools allow for convenient and organized placement of lights along the pathway, eliminating the need for multiple wiring connections and complex setups. By providing a continuous length of wire, spools eliminate the need for connecting a mess of individual wires and trimming extra bits and bobs. The socket wire can be easily unrolled along the pathway, creating a seamless and efficient installation experience. Whether you prefer a straight line, curved path, or intricate patterns, spools can be easily maneuvered and shaped accordingly. Additionally, spools come in various lengths, giving you the flexibility to cover any distance, be it a short garden path or a long driveway.


Your bulb choice is where you get to be most creative! If you're just installing pathway lighting in this style for safety, or perhaps for aesthetics during the summer time, we recommend sticking with the modern warm-white G30 bulb. However, if it's the holidays or you're hosting a special event, add your own pizazz with a variety of colours to choose from in both C9 (strawberry shaped) and G30 varieties.

Ground Stakes

Stakes play a vital role in anchoring your pathway lights firmly into the ground. They provide stability and prevent lights from shifting or toppling over due to external factors like wind, rain, or accidental bumps. However, not all stakes are created equal, and selecting the appropriate ones will depend on various factors. Consider the type of soil in your area, the weight and height of your pathway lights, and the environmental conditions they will be exposed to. Stakes made of durable materials such as stainless steel or heavy-duty plastic are often recommended for their strength and resilience. We carry stakes that are designed to work with flat wire and E17 socket wire, though they can be paired with smaller sockets like E12 as well. They are available in both 5 inch and 10 inch lengths.


Attaching plugs involves properly stripping and connecting the wires of your pathway lights. Properly sealing the connections shields from the moisture, dirt, and other external factors, guaranteeing the longevity and functionality of your pathway lights. We recommend adding dielectric grease to the plugs when installing them, since they will be close to the ground and susceptible to moisture. Once the plugs are attached and the connections secured, it's crucial to test the installation to ensure everything is functioning as expected. With a successful test, you can confidently finalize the installation, sit back, and enjoy the stunning results of your illuminated pathway.

In conclusion, when it comes to installing pathway lighting, Big Star Lights products offer a reliable and convenient solution. With our range of spools, stakes, and plugs, we provide all the necessary components to create a well-lit and aesthetically pleasing pathway.
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