10 DIY Backyard Lighting Ideas to Try

10 DIY Backyard Lighting Ideas to Try

Transform your backyard into an outdoor garden oasis with these creative outdoor lighting ideas that are guaranteed to bring more sparkle to your home!

This last year has inspired us all to spend more time outdoors, and what better way to do so than in the comfort of your own backyard? Whether you’ve got a large outdoor living space or little patio, a two-person garden party will feel like a special occasion with these ten creative lighting ideas that you can DIY. It’s the perfect time to cultivate the perfect outdoor oasis for you and your friends and family to enjoy each other’s company safely!

1. Get cozy around a fire pit

Who doesn’t love sitting around a fire pit on a warm summer night? Make your space extra cozy by stringing up lights, like Edison bulbs and patio base wire around your seating area.

2. Enhance your pergola

Pergolas are the perfect spot to hang lights! Hang patio lights loosely from each beam for an easy-going look, or staple some socket wire with G30 bulbs against the beams for a cleaner design. You could even pair a curtain lighting power chain with some twinkling mini lights to mirror the night sky!

3. Illuminate a courtyard

Even if you have a small outdoor space, you can make a big impact by hanging lights. Zig zag a small amount of warm white G30 bulbs above a small patio or balcony and you’ve got the perfect, intimate space to hang out. The bonus to using G30 lights is that they come in 10 different colours, and can be changed over to fit an event or celebration!

4. Don’t have a fence? Use posts!

If you don’t have a structure to hang lights off of, you’ll need to use posts. These are super easy to put up for BBQ season, and give you the option of moving the lights around when you want to change the design!

5. Decorate underneath a deck

Live in a wet climate? Decorating underneath a deck could be your way to enjoy your backyard even in rainy weather. We love this example of doubling the outdoor space by lighting up the underside of a deck.

6. Light up your trees

Who says lighting up trees is reserved for the holidays? If you have a tree (or two!) in your backyard, why not light them up throughout the summer too? We love trunk and branch wraps done with warm white 5mm mini lights. Just remember not to wrap too tightly as you’re installing these lights in the tree’s growing season! You can try our new stretch string warm white 5mm mini lights to ensure that the trees have room to grow.

7. Line a fence or pathway

Line the side of your backyard fence with lights. This looks great when you’ve got a garden that you want to show off, even at night! G30, G20 bulbs, or mini-lights work great on an installation like this! Alternatively, you could illuminate your pathway with G30 bulbs using our 5” or 10” lawn stakes.

8. Light up your garden decorations

If you’re really feeling creative, why not light up some of your favorite garden decorations? Lanterns, antique window frames, and steel sculptures can all be elevated with the addition of lights! Our microlights work particularly well for highlighting the daintier features of your yard.

9. Hang up glowing spheres

Lit spheres hung from trees or a pergola give off a warm glow in a garden. Wrap them with warm white mini lights for a classic look, or choose multiple colours for something more playful.

10. Enliven your hedges

Shrubs, hedges and bushes are perfect for summer long ambience in a backyard. Light up a hedge-lined pathway or bushes around a patio with microlights. The green wire will keep them looking discreet during the day.

There are so many ways to be creative in illuminating your backyard. We hope these ideas help you get those creative juices flowing, and bring a little more sparkle to your outdoor living space!

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