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  • Date

    December 15th, 2023

  • Time

    5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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    161-3239 No 6 Rd, Richmond, BC V6V 1P6

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Big Star Lights isn't just for the holidays. Discover how our lights can be your secret weapon for a year filled with celebrations and profits.

Speaking Sessions

Driving Holiday Lights Growth In The Off Season

speaking session: 6:00 - 6:45 PST

Paul Baluch, a seasoned services and franchising executive with 15+ years of experience, excels in growing and scaling businesses. As an entrepreneur, advisor, coach, and investor, he's led teams contributing to $100M+ revenue, 150+ locations, and 4700% growth.

During his tenure at Shack Shine, he launched Christmas Lights, making it a top revenue generator and a North American market leader.

Currently focused on the Holiday Lights Academy, Paul helps entrepreneurs add holiday lights as a service, providing proven systems, processes, resources, and training for a successful launch.

Beyond work, Paul enjoys skiing, mountain biking, and playing hockey, soccer, and golf, along with a love for travel.

Products that generate off-season revenue

Speaking session: 6:45 pm PST

Daniel Cowan - Founder at Big Star Lights

Daniel is an entrepreneur, having pioneered the Christmas service industry 15 years ago.

Leveraging his engineering expertise, he develops Big Star Lights' products, cherished by professional installers and Christmas enthusiasts.

He is passionate about bringing great ideas to life and enjoys the challenge of making complicated things more simple. He surrounds himself with positive people who are better at doing things than he is, but is equally thrilled to share lessons learned.

When he's not working on ideas on the ground, he takes to the skies as a commercial seaplane pilot or sails with family worldwide. His spare time is spent on mountain bikes or skis.