Pro-Installer Feature: Bryce Welder of Velocity Cranes

Pro-Installer Feature: Bryce Welder of Velocity Cranes

In January we checked in with Velocity Cranes, a crane operation company run by brothers Bryce and Kyle Welder in the Greater Vancouver Area. If you've seen a crane lit up at night in the city, there's a chance you have them to thank for it!

Q & A with Bryce Welder of Velocity Cranes

Big Star Lights: How long have you been installing Christmas lights professionally on cranes?

Bryce Welder: My brother and I have been installing lights on cranes since 2005, with my Dad's company. Our crew of firefighters and electricians have similar experience.

BSL: Do you install lights elsewhere?

BW: Velocity only does light installation on cranes.

BSL: Have you noticed more developers participating each year?

BW: Yes we have noticed more and more developers participating. We have been doing more cranes each year.

BSL: What’s your favourite part of the business?

BW: My favourite part is seeing the final product, and spreading the holiday joy by lighting up the sky. That being said, We also love that we are able to help our communities, by donating to local food banks and families in need over the holidays.

BSL: What have the challenges been and how have you resolved the challenges?

BW: There are always challenges, the main one we had in the beginning was finding reliable lights, we tried them all. The other lights would all cut out days, weeks or even a few months after install. Then we found Big Star Lights.

BSL: Why has Big Star Lights been your preferred vendor for all these years?

BW: As stated above, Working with Big Star Lights allows us to have full confidence in our service knowing that the lights can withstand the elements for many years. The lights on one of our installs are on its third Christmas and still all working.

BSL: What do you do the rest of the year when you are not installing lights?

Year round Velocity Cranes and our crew of over 60 tower crane operators and riggers are working on projects all around the lower mainland and the island.

BSL: What is the one piece of advice you'd give to others considering installing lights on precarious places like cranes?

BW: I would advise to use Big Star Lights on all the installs. And that Safety is FIRST, have all the safe work procedures, high angle rescue plans and self rescue ladders in place.

Thank you to Bryce for taking the time to answer all of our questions about his thrilling work lighting up the sky for the Holiday season. It's definitely one of the most daring work for installers, and we love hearing about the unique jobs our Pro Installers take on.
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