Get Spooky With Creative Halloween Lights

Get Spooky With Creative Halloween Lights

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to start decorating. Our “Halloween Series” Christmas lights make it easier than ever to get spooky!
You can either make your own color patterns with our retrofit bulbs like C9 or G30 bulbs, or use our new Halloween patterned commercial grade mini-lights! These LED lights come with coaxial water-tight plugs and are incredibly durable so that you can be assured they’ll light up bright every year. Here’s some of our most popular Halloween lights:

The Frankenstein

Purple and green LED lights have never looked so good -- scary good! Hang them around your door or in a nearby shrub or tree. These colours are inherently dark, providing the perfect ambience..

The Goblin

Purple and orange LED lights provide a brighter combination and will look great in shrubs and trees near your driveway or pathway. Alternatively, hang them on a nearby railing.

Of course, we also carry mini-light strings in any solid color including:
Purple, Green, and Orange. If you want larger bulbs and to customize your own patterns, try our G30 bulbs. These are our brightest available bulbs because their round lens behaves like a magnifying glass. They look just like incandescent bulbs at night, however, they won’t scream “Christmas” like the traditional conical shaped bulbs. Choose your wire colour from any of our four options: black, brown, green, and white.

For the ultimate colour control, try our new 36W RGBW Flood lights with tree brackets included. They strap on to tree branches with a simple rubber cord (also included) so it will not hurt your tree. Then from the ground, set the colour with the remote control. These high quality lights will wash your tree or building in any color you choose from up to 30 feet away. When Halloween is over and it’s time to start thinking of Christmas, simply use the remote to change the colors to something more Christmassy like red, green, or a beautiful warm-white. Decorating for any time of year has never been easier. Happy Halloween!

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