Different Types of String Lights and Where to Use Them

Different Types of String Lights and Where to Use Them

Each variety of string lights we supply is multi-purpose, but there are trends and design tendencies that may help you make the best choice. Read ahead for a breakdown of the different string lights we carry and what they can be used for!

All of our string light products are commercial grade and approved for outdoor use, even under the harshest of climates. They have water-tight threaded connections that keep out moisture and the strings are securely connected. As always, our lights are designed using LED technology to draw a minimum amount of energy for the maximum amount of brightness and beauty. The most common application for our string lights is in foliage, around trees, and decorative accents rather than rooflines.

Mini-Lights (5mm)

5mm Mini-Lights on Brown Wire, Close up of bulb

These lights are far and away our most popular string lights. The small lens doesn’t attract much attention in the daytime but emits an amazing incandescent-like glow at night. Mini-lights come on a multitude of wire colour combinations to blend into almost any situation. Because of their shape, they can be used for all sorts of events, occasions, or everyday decoration. They are also available as twinkling lights - this special feature can add a little extra magic to your display!

Small Strawberry Lights (C6)

C6 LED String Lights - Red on green wire

Almond-shaped and faceted to produce a more dynamic light, this is the classic almond-shaped bulb that is synonymous with Christmas. As such, C6 strawberry lights are an incredibly popular product over the holidays, and they are used in just about every application during the winter season.


Warm white LED Microlights on Green Wire

Our Microlights are similar to our Fairy Lights, but are used with a special plug adapter for microlights and are graded for outdoor use. Their delicate wire and soft light is perfect for topiaries and delicate shrubs like boxwoods, and are a beautiful, lightweight complement to your indoor Christmas tree.

Twinkly PRO

GIF of Twinkly PRO String Lights changing colours

Twinkly Pro lights are cutting-edge RGB lights that you can control with an app. Whether you’re trying to beat your neighbour’s display, or installing something creative for a large event or festival, they’re the perfect choice to really amp up your display. These lights use an app to wirelessly sync their colour and arrangement from your phone or tablet. Using your phone’s camera, it maps each light’s unique location so you can use your imagination and create something truly unique!

Whether your project is big or small, you can be assured that we’ve got the right lighted string product for your intended use! If you’re working on a project and wondering which option is the right one for you, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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