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“The Other Guys”

Last 8+ years

With proper storage and care, our lights have been known to last 8+ years in both seasonal and permanent installations!

Last 1-2 seasons

Big box store lights simply aren’t built to last - they’re built to keep you spending your money on replacements year after year!

High-Quality Components

USA-made PVC lenses, state-of-the-art Taiwanese chips, and 99% pure European-sourced copper. Working closely with our manufacturers means we can source the best of the best.

Profit over quality

Low-cost components help competitors deepen their profits, while increasing the chance that you'll need to replace your lights before the end of the season.

Bright and Shiny

Our LED technology provides 50,000+ hours of bright and beautiful lights.

Dim and Hurt the Eyes

Outdated LED technology means lights dim faster.

Looks Cleaner

Flat wire lays flush on rooflines and gutters, keeping all your lights pointing in the right direction.

twisted wire - looks sloppy

Bulbs facing every which way!

Better Service, Better Warranty

Our company is full of real live human beings, most of whom have worked as professional light installers! We’re here to help, and we back our products with some of the best warranties in the industry.

hard to get on the phone

Unanswered emails, robots for customer service representatives, and warranty loopholes abound!

Water and Dust Resistant

Our products were built to survive the coldest Alberta winters, the wettest British Columbia rainstorms, and even tropical Florida where Jack Frost won’t nip at your bulbs!

Not made strong enough for the elements

Poor quality means big box store lights are prone to failure from rough handling and bad weather.

Custom-cut to your home

Our SPT-2 based products are cut-to-size, meaning you’ll have the perfect string of bulbs for each part of your roofline. No more extra bulbs tucked into the gutter.

Hangs down the side of your house

Extra bulbs hanging over the edge, or not quite enough to reach the end of the roofline—there never seems to be an in-between!

Less waste in the landfill

We’ve designed our lights to last longer to reduce our impact on the environment. Plus, most of our products are recyclable where facilities exist.

More waste due to lesser quality

Constantly needing to replace your lights means unnecessary waste in the landfill.

flicker free

Our steady lights have a rapid refresh rate—no more awful, flickering, dim lights!

I didn’t order twinkle lights!

Lower quality LED technology is often paired with a low refresh rate, giving you that unpleasant, hard-to-look-at glare.