The Pre-Season sale is the perfect opportunity to prepare for the 2023 installation season. Not only does it help you to maximize your profit when selling lights to your clients, it provides you peace of mind knowing that you’ll have the supply you need to meet the season’s demand. Or, if you’re running a lighting festival, guarantee that you have the product you need when you need it. Avoid supply chain issues and lock in your 2023 stock now! Our payment plan means you don’t have to spend everything all at once, and you don’t have to worry about storage over the off-season. We’ll ship your order to you just in time for peak season to start in September.

The Details:

  • The Pre-Season Sale Payment Plan is as follows:
    • Order submission no later than midnight January 9th, 2023
    • Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) form submitted by January 10th, 2023
    • 30% deposit withdrawn via PAD on Jan 11, 2023. (Other payment methods are due Jan 10, 2023)
    • 30% deposit withdrawn via PAD on June 1st, 2023
    • 40% + taxes withdrawn via PAD on August 18, 2023
  • Your order will be shipped to you after final payment is completed, typically arriving in mid September.
  • Custom items can be accommodated if you have a special idea in mind. Please be in touch with our team at to share the details and we’ll see what we can do for you.
  • We try to keep our restrictions limited, but there are always a few:
    • Minimum order value of $7500 pre-tax
    • Deposits are non-refundable
    • While quantities last

How to Place a Pre-Season Order:

Our Pre-Season Sale takes place on an invite-only online store. Please complete the form below and we'll follow up with an account invite for you.

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