Different Types of Replaceable Light Bulbs and Why We Love Each One

Different Types of Replaceable Light Bulbs and Why We Love Each One

There are an assortment of replaceable bulbs on the Christmas light market. Whether they are incandescent, LED, spherical, strawberry shaped, faceted, or smooth, there is a bulb for every occasion! Over the years, we have zeroed in on the bulbs that work best for us as professional installers, and we are confident that they will work well for you too. Keep in mind that everything we carry is LED and encased in plastic, making our lights highly efficient, durable, and long lasting.

Here’s a list of our LED bulbs and what we like about them:

Medium Bulbs (C9/E17 Intermediate Base)

The Modern G30 Globe Light

We have given G30 bulbs the fitting name “super bright globe lights” due to their spherical shape and the exceptional amount of light they emit. Each bulb has an SMD LED chip in it, is 0.45 watts as opposed to to 7-watt incandescent Christmas lights, and is encased in a plastic cap that acts as a magnifying glass. The combination of the round shape and the magnifying glass causes light to be emitted equally from all “sides” of the bulb. Whether you’re looking at it straight on or from a different angle, you’re going to experience the same amount of brightness.

G30s are smooth, causing them to stay cleaner longer because grime does not build up on them. Paired with our flat socket wire, these bulbs create a sophisticated and professional look. They are perfect for Christmas, but because they don’t look like classic Christmas lights, they are suitable for other applications as well including patio and wedding lighting. They come in 10 different colours, meaning you can create a colourful look for every occasion!

The Traditional C9 Bulb

Built on the same base as the G30 bulbs - that's an E17 base technically speaking - our C9 bulbs have that classic strawberry shape to mimic incandescent Christmas lights at a fraction of the wattage. These bulbs are faceted (textured), creating a diffuse and warm glow. The texture also means that they can get dirty more easily, but they are the closest product we carry to the Christmas lights we all came to love before LEDs existed. Just like our G30s, they're available in 10 different colours including warm and pure white.

Small Bulbs (C7/E12 Candelabra Base)

C7 Candelabra Bulb (AKA C9's Little Sister)

C7 Bulbs have the same strawberry shape as C9s, but they are smaller and therefore pack less of a punch. They are a great option if you are looking for something more inconspicuous visually, or that is slightly less bright. These bulbs are 0.37 watts, and come in two styles: faceted and smooth. While the faceted bulbs refract the light slightly better, the smooth ones stay cleaner longer and look exactly like classic incandescent Christmas lights.

G20 Super Bright Globe Lights

G20 bulbs are built with the same base as the C7s, but are the younger sibling of the G30s. They too have a smooth magnifying glass cap and are perfect for applications where you want slightly less light. They look great lining windows and doorways!

Large Bulbs (E26/Medium Base)

S14 Edison Bulbs
Warm white LED Edison bulb (turned off) on Black Suspensor wire

These lights are equipped with cost-saving LED "filaments" that look just like inc. They look incredibly similar to classic Edison bulbs, and come with either two or four LED filaments. The two filament bulbs are encased with acrylic that looks like glass, but is practically in destructible. All of our Edison style bulbs come in warm white only.

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