5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Backyard with Lighting

5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Backyard with Lighting

Spring is here, and are we ever ready to expand our living spaces into our backyard! We love exploring new ways to light up outdoor spaces, and we’re working on expanding our summer line-up so you can do just that! We’re also thrilled to be partnering with in-lite, a European-based landscape lighting company that’s freshly expanding into the North American market. They provide high-quality low-voltage fixtures to illuminate your patios, pathways, and gardens. While we patiently bide our time through a strangely cold Spring season, here are 5 summer lighting ideas to get you planning your outdoor set-up this year!

1. Play with shadows by up-lighting your trees

We love the way these in-lite spotlights cast a dynamic shadow of the trees on the beautiful wooden fence in this backyard. Spotlights are perfect for adding more layers to your outdoor lighting display, by drawing the eye upward and giving you the ability to cast fun shadows of plants on your walls and fences.

Warm white spotlights illuminate trees in a back yard pool area

2. Hang patio lights over your deck or verandah

Simple bistro lighting is an inexpensive way to bring some dazzle to your outdoor space. Modern LED Edison bulbs cast the same warm glow you would expect from the incandescent lights of yesteryear, without the high cost of turning them on. Paired with our new metal shades, they create a nostalgic atmosphere, with the added bonus of casting more light downward for you to light up your outdoor eating area and reduce light pollution.

3. Decorate an arbor or pergola

Whimsically lit arbours and pergolas are not just for weddings and special events! They can stand as a beautiful feature in your garden, and lighting them up will attract the eye and extend your garden’s usability into the nighttime. Pair a nice set of warm white 5mm string lights with your climbing rose, clematis, or wisteria for a perfectly soft and welcoming feature in your backyard!

4. Line your pathways

Pathway lighting not only looks great - it serves a very practical purpose of making your yard more navigable in the evening! From a traditional style bollard that will blend into your yard seamlessly, like in-lite’s DISC series, to a more dramatic statement piece like the ACE, there are numerous ways to illuminate your paths and driveways to be more visible at night time.

in-lite ACE Path Lights illuminating gravel driveway

5. Illuminate the colour of your garden

Appreciate the beautiful colours of your garden, even at night time! Modern path and garden lights look beautiful amongst low shrubs and wildflowers. We particularly love the SWAY line of in-lite’s path lights, which are flexible and move with the breeze alongside your plants.

in-lite SWAY Path Lights illuminating wildflowers in a garden

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